Coax Stripping

Nitronic ST730T coaxial cable stripping machine with an intuitive touchscreen and graphical display. ST730T
CHF 10'995.-


The ST730T achieves up to 7mm outer diameter and 30mm stripping length. As the first of its kind on the market, it offers exceptional precision for a wide range of cable diameters. This machine is specifically designed for the challenges of small coaxial cables, stripping conductors with diameters of up to 0.1mm (AWG 38).

The structural accuracy and high-resolution electronics of the ST730T allow for the efficient processing of even demanding cable types such as those with Kapton, Silicone, or Teflon insulation. Its design ensures gentle handling of the cables to avoid damaging the delicate structures.

The machine is characterized by high flexibility, enabling quick switches between different cable types without time-consuming conversions. Furthermore, it offers intuitive operation, significantly simplifying the setup process without the need for programming skills. The ST730T combines this with a robust construction, resulting in a long lifespan and exceptional precision.

In conclusion, the ST730T reinforces its leading position through its high-quality craftsmanship, representing quality and reliability in modern cable processing technology.


The software of the ST730T offers various functions that distinguish it as an advanced, user-friendly, and efficient solution for cable stripping:

MikroCoax Mode (optional)

Improved resolution of the ST730T to 1/1000mm in MicroCoax Mode, specifically designed for precise stripping of small coaxial cables with a conductor diameter of down to 0.1mm (AWG 38). The clamping jaws close more gently.

Text Entry (optional)

Cable-specific parameters such as customer, article number, and type can be stored. Afterward, the stored cable can be searched for based on these parameters.

Automated Stripping Cycle

The stripping cycle starts automatically upon inserting the cable with the help of a sensor. Jacket, shield and dielectric are fully automated and precisely stripped within seconds.

Up to 9 Steps (optional)

Up to 9 stripping steps per cable can be programmed without forming sequences.

Sequence operation and counter

The ability to process various cable sequences and the built-in counter support production tasks.

No Setup Times

Quick adaptation to different cable types without setup times by selecting a different cable program.

Password Protection

Set stripping values can be protected by password, accessible only by authorized personnel.

Robotic and Foot Pedal Interface (optional)

This option allows triggering via foot pedal, control via automatic connection, and fast RS232 communication for seamless integration into your production line.

Technical Specification

Cable outer diameter
Max. 7mm (0.28")
Stripping length
Max. 30mm (1.18")
Diameter 0.01mm, Length 0.1mm - optional D 0.001mm, L 0.01mm
Diameter 0.0004", Length 0.004" - optional D 0.00004", L 0.0004"
Stripping steps
4, optional 9
Diameter feed rate
Clamping jaw force
Adaptive (no programming required)
Start cycle
Automatically via sensor or foot pedal (optional)
Special functions
Partial strip
Twisting of wire strands
RS232, Robotic
Dimensions (LxWxH)
435x165x180mm (12.13" x 6.5" x 7.09")
Power Supply
100, 115 and 230VAC
For 1000 cables

Processing capabilities

Cable Samples

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