High precision stripper

The most precise hand-held wire stripping device worldwide!

The Nitronic MiniStrip has been specifically developed for users with high quality requirements. An absolutely precise and consistently accurate stripping of cable ends with small diameters is ensured by the unique four-blade system and rotating stripping head.

Art.no. Stan­dard Mi­ni­S­trip with HSS blades (mm)
Art.no. Stan­dard Mi­ni­S­trip with HSS blades (inch)
CHF 719.-
Art.no. Mi­ni­S­trip with Ti­tanium coated carbide blades and centeringt unit (mm)
Art.no. Mi­ni­S­trip with Ti­tanium coated carbide blades and centeringt unit (inch)
CHF 990.-


The MiniStrip is the flagship among handheld wire strippers, providing the optimal solution for precise and safe stripping of various types of cables. Thanks to our innovative process, insulation, dielectric, or shielding is effortlessly removed, and depending on the conductor's characteristics, the strands are simultaneously twisted. This versatility allows for processing a wide range of cables, including small coaxial cables as well as conductors with Kapton, Silicone, or Teflon insulation.

The MiniStrip not only offers high precision to avoid damage to conductors, dielectric, or shielding but also features an integrated centering device for high-end stripping, meeting the demanding standards of medical technology or aerospace.

The continuous adjustability and the ability to center the cable relative to the blades ensure optimal results without exerting pressure on the cable.

The MiniStrip can be adjusted to a different diameter in a matter of seconds using a calibrated scale.

With the MiniStrip, you are well-equipped for demanding wire stripping tasks - precise, efficient, and reliable.


There are two MiniStrip versions available:

- MiniStrip with HSS blades for less demanding stripping or harsh environments
- MiniStrip with titanium-coated carbide blades and centering device

For aerospace applications, we strongly recommend the MiniStrip with titanium-coated carbide blades and centering unit! (Art. no. 010070 for mm or 010071 for inch scale)!

Rotary incision and stripping

The innovative process allows for the effortless removal of insulation or dielectric/shielding from coaxial cables.

Optional centering unit (010070 / 010071)

The centering device enables high-end stripping that meets even the highest standards. It is infinitely adjustable and ensures that the cable is centered relative to the blades, thereby eliminating any erroneous user influence on the quality of the stripping.

Continuous length adjustment

The length adjustment is also continuous and can be set to the desired measurement in a few seconds.

Simultaneous twisting of strands

Depending on the conductor's characteristics, strands are simultaneously twisted lightly.

High precision

The high-precision manufacturing of the MiniStrip ensures the highest repeatability of your stripping process.

Calibrated scale for diameter adjustment

The MiniStrip can be adjusted to various diameters in seconds using a calibrated scale with a resolution of one hundredth.


Despite its numerous settings, the MiniStrip is easy and intuitive to use.

Lockable diameter adjustment and centering unit

A locking screw enables the locking of the diameter adjustment or the centering unit for aerospace applications.

Technical Specifications

Wire size range
0.1mm (0.004") to 2.0mm (0.08") (38-12AWG)
Cable outer diameter
Max. 2.5mm (0.100")
Stripping length
Up to 15mm (0.590"), optionally longer possible
Infinite for diameter and length
Stripping head
Rotative cutting with 4 blades
Special funtions
Depending on the cable, twisting of the strands
Dimensions (LxWxH)
Diameter 12mm (0.470"), length 165mm (6.500")
Aprox. 100g
Mobile, no power supply
Stripping blades
4 pieces of HSS or Titanium-coated carbide
Blade replacement
Simple, without calibration

Processing capabilities

Full strip
Partial strip
Partionally twisting of strands


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