High Precision Stripping Machine

The Nitronic ST215 was specifically designed for cables with small diameters and challenging insulations where conventional wire stripping machines fail to deliver satisfactory results.

Art.no. ST215 (mm)
Art.no. ST215 (inch)
CHF 5590.-
Art.no. ST215W (mm)
Art.no. ST215W (inch)
CHF 6190.-

ST215 / ST215W

The ST215 is your solution for precise and secure stripping of various types of cables. Our innovative process effortlessly removes insulation, dielectric, or shielding, and depending on the conductor's characteristics, the strands are simultaneously twisted. This allows the processing of a wide range of cables, including coaxial and micro-coaxial cables, as well as conductors with Kapton, Silicone, or Teflon insulation, and even Glass insulation.

The ST215 not only offers high precision to avoid damage to conductors, dielectric, or shielding but also features an integrated centering device for high-end stripping, meeting the demanding standards of medical technology or aerospace. Its stepless adjustability and the ability to center the cable relative to the blades ensure optimal results without applying pressure to the cable.

The ST215 can be adjusted to a different diameter in just a few seconds using a calibrated scale. The length stop also serves as a sensor, automatically triggering the wire stripping cycle upon contact.

With the ST215, you are well equipped for any wire stripping task - precise, efficient, and reliable.


The ST215 offers a variety of features to help you perform your wire stripping projects efficiently and precisely:

Trigger with sensor

The length adjustment is equipped with a very sensitive sensor which automatically initiates the stripping cycle.

Turn left or right (twisting)

Depending on the cable structure, you can choose between clockwise or clockwise rotation.

Built-in centering device

The continuously adjustable centering device centers each cable relative to the blades. It is only thanks to this that precise and repeatable stripping is possible in various high-end industries.

Trigger with foot pedal (optional)

Micro cables with conductor diameters as thin as a hair lack sufficient rigidity to activate the sensor. Here, our foot pedal provides a solution.

No rotation during pull off (only ST215W)

You can choose whether the strands should be twisted or not, depending on the requirements of your application. Often, a non-rotating pull off is necessary for optimal results.

Rückfahren der Messer - Wayback (nur ST215W)

This function allows the blades to open a few hundredths or tenths of a millimeter before the stripping, preventing abrasions on the conductor or damages to cables with large diameter tolerances.

Technical Specifications

Wire size range
0.08mm (0.003") to 2.0mm (0.08") (12 – 40 AWG)
Depending on wire type downto 0.02mm (0.001") (48 AWG)
Cable outer diameter
Max. 2.5mm (0.10"), optional 3.0mm (0.12")
Stripping length
13mm (0.5"), optional up to 95mm (3.7")
Infinite for diameter and length
Diameter feed rate
Left or right
Start cycle
Automatically via sensor or foot pedal (optional)
Spe­zial functions
Way­back (ST215W only)
Twisting of wire strands
Pull off without roa­ti­on
ST215W only
Air nozzle
Againgst cable rests
Dimensions (LxWxH)
210x54x126mm (8.26" x 2.13" x 4.96")
Power Supply
100 - 230 VAC
Compressed air
Clean, 5 to 12 Bar

Processing capabilities

Cable samples


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