Twisting and Stripping machine ST215/ST215W

ST215 010083 / Price CHF 5590.- (mm ver­sion)
ST215W 010305 / Price CHF 6190.-
(mm ver­sion)

ST215 010307 / Price CHF 5590.-  (Inch ver­sion)
ST215W 010314 / Price CHF 6190.-
  (Inch ver­sion)

The ca­ble Strip­ping and Twist­ing ma­chine ST215 was spe­cial­ly de­vel­oped for thin ca­bles. It fea­tures an ap­proved four-blade sys­tem, which pro­vides ac­cu­rate and ex­act­ly re­peat­ed strip­ping of ca­bles. 

The coat­ing is re­moved by cutt­ing with four ro­tat­ing blades and strip-off in one sin­gle step. This in­no­va­tive pro­ce­dure al­lows pro­cess­ing of:

  • Coax/Mi­cro­coax ca­bles
  • Te­flon or Kap­ton coat­ed ca­bles
  • Su­co­form SM86 ca­bles from Hu­ber & Suh­n­er

Fur­ther­more, wires are twist­ed dur­ing the strip­ping pro­cess. The high pre­ci­sion avoids da­m­age to wires, di­elec­tric or shield. In ad­di­tion, a cen­ter­ing unit al­lows very high pre­ci­sion strip­ping for high-end ap­pli­ca­tions. The cen­ter­ing unit is infinite­ly ad­justable and as­sures that the ca­ble is cen­tered re­spec­tive­ly to the cutt­ing blades. Us­er in­flu­ences re­gard­ing the strip­ping qual­i­ty are elim­i­nat­ed.
Pre­ci­sion blade di­am­e­ter con­trol with a mi­crom­e­ter scale, al­lows a quick set-up of di­am­e­ter. The lock­ing screw of the di­am­e­ter ad­just­ing sys­tem makes the ma­chine avai­l­able even for aeros­pace and medtech ap­pli­ca­tions. The quick length con­trol is equipped with a sen­sor which ini­ti­ates the strip­ping pro­cess. The high qual­i­ty of the prod­uct guar­an­ties a pre­cise repet­i­tive­ness.

The all new ST215W fea­tures two ad­di­tio­n­al func­tions:

  • The ro­ta­tion of the strip­ping head can be stopped pri­or to pull-off. This al­lows to twist or not the strands.
  • The se­cond new func­tion is the ad­justable Way­back. This func­tion will open the blades a lit­tle pri­or to pull-off. This in­creas­es the strip­ping qual­i­ty, es­pe­cial­ly when the wires have im­por­tant di­am­e­ter tol­er­ances.