Technical Specifications

Wire Size Range 0.1mm (0.004") to 2.0mm (0.080") (38-12AWG)
Max. out­er di­am­e­ter 2.5mm (0.100")
Strip­ping Length Up to 15mm (0.590)
Re­s­o­lu­tion Infi­nite for Di­am­e­ter and Length
Cutt­ing Ro­ta­tive with 4 blades
Spe­cial Op­er­a­tions Twist­ing of wire strands (de­pend­ing on wire)
Di­men­sions Di­am­e­ter 18mm Length 165mm
Weight 90g
Strip­ping Blades 4 pcs HSS or Ti­ta­ni­um coat­ed car­bide 
Mo­bile Mo­bile, no pow­er source re­quired
Blade Change Easy, no cal­i­bra­tion re­quired